At Bridgetown we are a group of humble, conscientious, problem-solvers. Our team comes from many different countries and backgrounds, and is united in our commitment to our mission: We Make The Food We Want Our Families To Eat.

Current Opportunities

Bridgetown offers opportunities for people at all stages of their careers – from those getting started, to those with many years of specialized experience. You will find our current listings below – check back often as we are constantly growing and evolving.

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Teams and Roles

Customer Engagement, R&D and Engineering

Bridgetown is built on innovation, and these teams creatively partner with customers to develop and efficiently scale products and processes.

Quality, Manufacturing & Supply Chain

After a product is developed, we need to produce a large quantity consistently and reliably on time. Our partnerships are built on trust and these teams are responsible for exceeding our customers’ expectations.

People, Finance and IT

Building leaders and scalable systems is Bridgetown’s path to sustained growth. These teams provide the resources to meet opportunities.